About Me


Sometimes I make up quotes that sound and look cool underneath an image.


Hello, my name is Paul.

I craft, create, and curate unforgettable experiences. 

I am an entrepreneurial designer, creator, and curator of spaces, words, images, and experiences with a background in architecture (B.Arch. University of Texas at Austin). The truth is, however, that I never really know what to tell people when they ask me what I do for a living. There's no script. Today I am an architectural designer. Tomorrow I am a writer. Or a project manager. Or an interior designer. Or a marketing strategist. Or a digital visualizer. Or an account manager. Or a filmmaker. Or that dude taking notes in the corner during meetings. Or when I get a moments respite, I am an adventurer, explorer, and aspiring wildling. The one thing that unites all these varied interests is a desire to create and experience something moving and beautiful. So at the end of my long, rambling explanation I usually just end up saying the same damn thing to everyone I meet: I'm a designer. And let them fill in the rest.

Paul Li



I craft, create, and curate unforgettable experiences. Let's join forces to make something truly wonderful.